By Career Girl Daily

It’s though being in your mid-twenties, succeeding in this world isn’t easy — especially if you are a career driven woman. You have to be positive, emotionally strong, driven,  passionate and a real fighter to show what you are worth. And if you want to be a #girlboss, you need to act like it. Whether you’re on the path you’ve always dreamed of or are still finding your way, these 10  habits will pay in dividends down the line. Read on!
#1 – Set up your Facebook privacy settings
 You don’t want your colleagues to see your party photos—and anything else you don’t want shown to potential future employers or coworkers. Facebook allows you to create customized friend lists so you can choose who sees your check-ins, photos, and other details about your personal life. Be sure that every time you accept a new friend request you’re adding your contacts to the appropriate list. On a similar note, unless you want all of your tweets and photographs shown to the world, make your Twitter and Instagram accounts private.
#2 -Build out your LinkedIn profile
Your Linkedin profile  is your shop window to recruiters and potential employers, and the first place which potential recruiters will look when they are considering contacting you. Treat your LinkedIn profile like a summary of your greatest hit. As you make new contacts throughout your career, add them on LinkedIn so you can always have a pulse on what they’re up to.
#3 – Update your CV every 3 months.
Make it a habit to update your CV with new experience, skills, and projects. Details become blurry over time, and you don’t want to forget an important detail of a project.
#4 – Always send a thank you or follow-up email
Send a follow-up email or note after a meeting with, or gesture from a business contact. Gratefulness and manners will always be remembered.
#5 – Be confident 
By this time, you may have had a few jobs, taken on some projects, and conversed with others in your field. Assess your skill set and become familiar with the space so you can become confident in your value the next time you’re due for a raise or job offer.
#6 – Become a network pro
You shouldn’t have to feel like a shell of your real self in professional environments. Depending on your industry and work environment, the line may differ; know, and treat it carefully.
#7 – Always show up 10 minutes early
Think of this as more of a life lesson than anything—but punctuality is among the most important of professional habits to adopt. It’s an honest indicator of your organizational skills and overall reliability.
#8 – Get and stay, organized. 
Use a to-do list and make sure your physical workspace is a neat and tidy environment. Get up earlier to manage your day.
#9 – Respond to emails within 24 hours
Make sure you respond to your emails with 24 hours. If you’re heading out on vacation, don’t forget to set an out-of-office response telling people when you’ll be back in touch.
#10-  Dress for the job you want. 
We all know that clothes are an important form of nonverbal communication, so do your best to avoid those side-eye glances.
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By abeautifulmess
These pillows are lovely, the design is simple yet so modern!

These pillows are lovely, the design is simple yet so modern!Love these! And such a fun project I can do with my 3 yr old... she's a master at abstract painting (he he he). And P.S... Can I just say how much I love that most ABM DIY's are fast & easy to execute? With a toddler and career I don't have a lot of time for creativity, but I need it in my life so much! 

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By Free People

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” – Wayne Dyer
We might not realize it, but the people who surround us influence our perspective. Through body language, through word… it only takes something small to cause our view to become distorted. Sometimes for the better, but I’ve found this negatively effects me as well.
I am my own person… my thoughts, mine. My actions, mine. But to a certain point, I think I inherit some of what surrounds me. It just happened to me the other day…
I was having a conversation with a good friend about a topic I didn’t know much about. Before I could form an opinion for myself, she had already done so for me. I had no previous knowledge of said topic, so all I knew of it was the points she addressed… the pros and cons through her eyes.
If something is put out into the universe, it’s there for us to absorb. In this case, it was her opinion, which pieces of I took in. I have the problem of then building my own opinion on top of someone else’s.
How do you erase what you already know? Can you?
I think you can, it just takes knowing what influence to allow in, or push aside. When we neutralize the way we look at something, we start back at zero. The vibes and energy that linger around should always stay true to you. I think it takes a little bit of learning… learning that we have control over our perspective, no matter how many influences surround us.

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