50 Blog Post Ideas For Beginner

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By Fashionistah
50 Blog Post Ideas For  Beginner

  1. Tutorial video Make a video where you show how to do something. Applying make-up, bakes a cake etc. 
  2. Inspiration Make a collage of inspiring images
  3. Favorite movies / music Make a list of your favorite movies, favorite music or anything else.
  4. Your best blog tips Make a statement with your best blogging tips. How you got so many followers, so many views, or something else.
  5. Giveaway Make a giveaway. You may want to get sponsored something or if you have something in the attic.
  6. Write about a trend Write your opinion about a particular trend.
  7. New purchases Have you just bought a new amazing sweater? Write where you bought it, how much it cost and why it is absolutely fantastic.
  8. Wish list What do you wish for right now? (Can also be a Christmas wish list)
  9. Expensive vs. cheap  Have you found anything that reminds very much about something that is expensive? People love to save money!
  10. Outfit pictures Show what you wear today and tell where it can be purchased and why you have composed it as you have.
  11. Street style pictures If you're brave enough, you can ask people on the street, if you can take a picture of them.
  12. DIY If you know how to make some nice, then post a guide for it!
  13. Your favorite item Do you have a favorite pair of boots, or a great bag, make a post about it.
  14. Blog recommendation  Make a post about your favorite blog. You may post a link to the person when you are finished.
  15. A great deal if you have found a fantastic deal where you can save a lot of money, tell your readers about it.
  16. A good recipe Do you have a recipe for a good cake or a fresh salad, take a few pictures of it the next time you make it, and write how to do it.
  17. A funny story Everyone loves a good story. If you have experienced something embarrassing or funny, you can write it down.
  18. A review Have you just bought something and received a very positive treatment? So write a good review. Similarly, if you have been treated badly, write a review in which you wish to warn others to use the site or store.
  19. 10 Things You Did not Know About Me Write 10 things your readers might not know about you.
  20. Write a list of things just like this. - People love lists.
  21. Guest Blog Get another person to write a great post on your blog.
  22. Why you started blogging Tell your story about why you started blogging.
  23. Ask other other people about a subject Find a topic of such. a trend or tendency, and ask other bloggers, some of your family, or people on the street about the subject.
  24. Write something about what not to do in your niche Do you have any advice for what NOT to do, so you may want to share them with others.
  25. Make a competitive Something that people always love, is contests.
  26. List of your best posts  Make a list of some of your most-read posts, those who have received the most page views, or just the ones you like best.
  27. List of your worst post Just as the above tips, make a list of your "worst" post.
  28. Interview someone Make an interview with a person. It may be another blogger, a known person (if you can get hold of one), your friend etc.
  29. Holiday experience Have just been on a great vacation? Share the very best photos and make a list of the best places to visit or to eat.
  30. To-Do-List Should you reach something? So you can make a list of it. Eg. a list of things you should do in December.
  31. Share your blog stats a little fun thing could be sharing your blog stats, ie page views etc.
  32. Write a success experience Have you had a successful experience, both on the blog or in "reality" then write about it. Got driving license, pass your exam etc.
  33. Write about fails experience Perhaps not as fun as the above - But there are no ups without downs.
  34. Your dream trip If you could choose between all locations around the world, where would you go? You may want to make a top five
  35. Your plan for today What do you have of plans today?
  36. Your recipe for success What have you done to reach to where you are. It can be both on the blog and in reality.
  37. Show some personally Your room, your bike, your car, your kitchen.
  38. What's in my bag Show what you have in your handbag.
  39. Your desktop A cozy posts may be showing your desktop.
  40. How do you put your make-up on Make a tutorial on how to put your make-up on. This can be a video, or a step by step guide with pictures.
  41. Show your tattoos If you have some, and you dare, you can show them on the blog - You can also tell the story behind them.
  42. Bad habits Do you smoke? Do you eat too many pickles? Do you hate to clean up?
  43. About Me Write a depth post about who is actually sitting behind the screen.
  44. Write about the pros and cons of something it can be almost anything.
  45. Ask for feedback if you may be a little tired of your blog and want to renew it, you can ask your readers for feedback.
  46. Create an ask me Make a round of questions that you answer. Possibly with a video or write it down.
  47. A list of your favorite bloggers in your niche Make a list of some of your favorite bloggers.
  48. A list of tools you use for your blogging  If you use a smart app or website, write about it.
  49. Your favorite shops Make a list of all of your favorite stores.
  50. Gift Ideas That may very convenient in this time. Make a statement with gift ideas for children, lovers, friends etc.

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